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Emery Portfolio Website Template - Framer or Webflow

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EMERY is a fun, minimalist template made in Framer or Webflow. Complete with customizable pages, mobile friendly design without you needing how to code. Jump right in to a pre-designed website ready for you to add in your own content, branding, photos, so you can easily launch your site!


Access to your website with template pre-installed within 48 hours after sending me your Webflow account email or access to the Framer template instantly.

  • All pages and sections in the demo built for you
  • Pages and Sections included: ✔️ Home ✔️ About ✔️ Portfolio Section ✔️ Blog Section ✔️ Contact ✔️ Portfolio Pages ✔️ Blog Pages ✔️ 404 Page ✔️ Styles page on Webflow (for easy style tweaks)
  • Mobile friendly design
  • Email support if you’re struggling


✘ The images. The fancy ones used are placeholder photos.

✘ Lessons on how to use Framer or Webflow on the whole. A basic level of knowledge is required, or a willingness to teach yourself!

✘ Any custom coding support

✘ Applying this template to an existing site

If you need my help, you can always book me on my day rate:


  • A Framer or Webflow account
  • A logo
  • Words
  • Images

Fun, minimalistic portfolio template made in Framer.

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Emery Portfolio Template - Framer and Webflow

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Emery Portfolio Website Template - Framer or Webflow

0 ratings
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